A glass spinning Top?? A Spinning Top made from glass oh YES, simply put a glass spinning top is the BEST spinning top money can buy. They spin right way up and upside down, even on the screen of your mobile.

One of the 2 items I cant leave the house without.
If you see me challenge me to a top duel or carry one yourself to prove your not stuck in a dream.

2014-07-10 14.27.02Our classic shape tops are great for novice or intermediate spinning top enthusiasts.

One of our most popular products, we have sent spinning tops to customers all over the world.

Deluxe spinning topsOur Deluxe Spinning Tops are designed for spinning top connoisseurs or collectors.

With intricate designs for a top with a bit of luxury, patterns include:

  • The dot stack
  • The double dot stack
  • The feather
  • The peacock
  • The honeycomb and
  • The encasement (opal encased in clear glass).

new flat topsOur new flat disk tops have proved very popular in just a few months,  like all our other tops they spin both upright and upside down.

Perfect for little or big hands and both beginner and advanced top spinners/collectors.

Available in a range of transparent or solid colours with or without pattern decorations.

Our shop has a selection of these tops priced from £10 to £25 or you can bespoke a design just for you, using our contact form on the right of this page.

The first video below shows us testing a batch of newly made spinning tops on our own kitchen work top. The second video shows Chris spinning tops on the surface of his mobile phone.

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