Remembering and Honouring Your Lost Loved Ones

As the initial shock of bereavement passes, the pain of grief is softened by treasured memories of happy times spent with your loved one.

There are lots of ways of connecting with your family member, friend or pet. One possibility in these modern times, where cremation is a more common choice than burial is to use a small portion of ashes to create a memorial piece of art glass. This is something you’ll treasure forever, something to keep close to your heart or hold in your hand when you need the comfort of a physical token of your lost one.

How FoxGlass Remembrance Art Is Created

A small part of the cremation ashes are incorporated into a handcrafted piece of glass, We’ll work with you on design, colours and size to ensure that your memorial token or mourning jewellery reflects your choices and the character and uniqueness of the loved one you’re commemorating.


Made with Love, Respect and Artistry

Every FoxGlass piece is an act of love. Remembrance art is also a sacred task. The ashes you entrust us with will be treated with utmost respect, any unused portion being returned to you when your order is complete.

Whether you’re recently bereaved or you’ve been seeking an appropriate way to commemorate a more distant loss we’d love to hear from you. We’re always honoured when we’re trusted with such an important and personal commission and we promise you’ll be treated with sensitivity and consideration throughout the time we’re working with you.

Using Cremation ashes and incorporating them into glass means you can keep your loved ones close to you.

Creating a loving tribute using a small amount of cremation ashes combined with molten glass will give you a beautiful piece of Cremation Art that can be treasured forever.

Every piece of Cremation Art is as unique as your loved one, possessing its own character.

FoxGlass are always honoured when we are asked to create Remembrance Art, working with your loved one’s ashes is a sacred task and is always undertaken with the upmost respect. Any unused ashes will of course be returned to you along with your order.

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